A Mercedes 609 D converted to a home on wheels

By on 17. Mai 2019

Christina and Eduard live their timeless life project. The Catalonian Couple enjoy their life in their Mercedes 609 D to the fullest.


your vehicle Mercedes 609 D:

• Car Manufacturer: Mercedes Benz
• Modell: 609D
• Year of construction: 1989
• how many seats: 3
• complete weight of vehicle: 4.200 kg
• how many kilometers: 295.000 km
• cylinder capacity: 3.972 cm3
• output of the motor: 90cv
• consumption at 100km: 16€
• driving license classify: C (truck)
• top speed: 100km/h
• motor fuel: Diesel
• price: 10.500€ when we bought
• costs of repair per year: 200-600€
• insurance: 475€/year
• vehicle taxes: 166€/year


Tell me a bit about you and tell me, what made you want to start vanlife?


We are a couple from Catalonia, Cristina and Eduard and we are traveling with our two dogs Vira and Goku. We travel discovering the world aboard a Mercedes 609D of ’89.

TIMELESS LIFE PROJECT is our new life style!, infinite, eternal, nomadic, a moving life project, that has been born by the sum of all the lived experiences.

We had a common life, each with his steady job, we lived in a rental house with our dogs, we participated in cultural organizations, we enjoyed and shared good times with our friends and family we had a life like many people, with their pros and its cons, until about a year ago.

We decide to change our life style and we left our routine life, our jobs, our house and begin a nomad life travelling around the world to learn and grow personally and professionally.




Why did you choose the Mercedes 609 D?


In 2017 we bought the van, the choice was not easy, we looked for a spacious, robust and easy to repair van. We opted for the old Mercedes 609 D because it has all the requirements we wanted, (high roof, robust engine, long&wide, easy to find spare parts).

We found our van in Fuerteventura, we thought it would be difficult to bring it to the peninsula, but did all the transport paperworks was very simple and fast.


So, if not your Mercedes 609 D, what modell would you choose too if you could and why?


A Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 because have all our requirements and you can drive off road with no problems.


Did you work on your Mercedes 609 D yourself or did you get a carpenter for the interior?


We did. When we bought the van, it was already converted. But when we began to modify some things to adapt it to our needs, we were looking for a thousand excuses to build our home from scratch.

So we emptied everything and we got down to work to carry out the project. We sold most things from home, we keep memories and things we could take advantage of, to invest in our new home.

In just 17 days we did the van conversion with the help of our family and friends.

Before starting with the van conversion we looked for information about the steps, in forums, groups of facebook, videos on youtube, van conversion companies, friends and family.

We made a 3D design of the van, we looked for the materials that suited our needs and we started with the project.




Would you change something about your vehicle when it comes to the interior if you
could turn back time?


We would change the dm wood of the walls by pine frieze slats. And we would use not so heavy materials.


How long did you work on your campervan before you started your trip?


We work non-stop for 17 days to finish the van conversion. Although later we have invested a few more days to finish details. Our van is in continuous transformation.


What do your friends and family say about your vanlife-choice?


At first our family told us that we were crazy, but now they love to see us enjoy life.




Which countries did you travel to with your vehicle?


At the moment we travel to France, we went around the Iberian peninsula passing through the north of Spain and Portugal. Our next destination is Morocco.

Then we wants to go around Europe and if all goes well continue by land for Asia or cross the Atlantic sea, destination Canada or South America.


How do you stay warm, when its very cold outside?


We have a stationary heating, it’s called Planar 2D, and it uses the same fuel from the truck, it works very well. Also at night, Vira, warms us because he sleeps at the foot of our bed.




Some people prefer campsites for the night, others love free camping somewhere in the middle of nowhere. What do you prefer and why?


We prefer free camping somewhere in the middle of nowhere, because we love tranquility and discover new places. We always drive on secondary roads, it’s the best way to get lost.

Also we use an app it’s called Park4night, it’s good to know about different spots to stay overnight.


What is the hardest part about living in a campervan?


We haven’t discovered it yet.


What is/are the best part/s?


The best part, is that we don’t have routine, every day it’s different, this life style allows us to meet new people, to know new places, to know ourselves, specially to feel FREE.




How do you fund your travels?


We “traviajamos” we work travelling. We combine seasonal work and online projects, half of “@timelesslifeproject is graphic designer and marketer. We also use the exchange as currency.

We can work or help in exchange for food, a place to stay, or even some repair for the van.




How much money do you spend in a month (roughly)?


We do not know how many we can spend per month, it is very subjective, it all depends on the country where we are, the kilometers we are going to travel, the food, …


If you could name something that should change in the van life community – what
would it be?


At this moment we are very happy with the vanlife community. We help each other a lot, whatever the problem and wherever you are.

There is always someone from the community willing to help you. There is also an awareness rooted to the conservation of the environment.


Some people might have doubts when it comes to traveling with a camper van. What
would you tell people who have doubts?


There are currently many ways to try this lifestyle without need to buy a van, there are many companies and apps for renting motorhomes or vans, which allow you to experience the vanlife.

Although if the doubts arise on wheels … you can always search instagram accounts of people who live the vanlife, facebook groups, YouTube videos, and ask questions you have.

Every week we receive many questions from people who want to change their lifestyle, who want to travel
somewhere we have been, ask us about the van and its benefits …

We are enchanted to help people and share our experiences in our social networks and web page.




What are your future plans when it comes to traveling/living in your Mercedes 609 D?


Our plan in our van is: Enjoy our life

Follow them on:

INSTAGRAM: @timelesslifeproject
WEBSITE: www.timelesslifeproject.com (under construction now)
FACEBOOK: @timelesslifeproject


You want to convert your own camper? Check this german E-Book about my van conversion.


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