Collaboration with Passport Diary

We offer “That extra portion of content in a rapidly growing blog segment.” – Paul from Passport Diary

The Passport Diary blog publishes high-quality travel and experience reports on the subject of travel and campervan expansion.

In the customer journey, we often offer the first touchpoint for those interested in travel with reports from all over the world.

The goal of this blog is to provide high quality posts to regular traveling blog readers. All of this with an extra dose of adventure without having to leave your own sofa.

Topics on Passport Diary

Would you like to position yourself in the travel segment and reach young adults? Then you’ve come to the right place! Passport Diary is the magazine with the best tips and tricks on the subject of vanlife and camping.

On this website you will find articles on the subject of RV conversion, van cooking, travel destinations and alternative work concepts. We came into the world to make our dreams come true. Be a part of it.

Reach and target groups with Passport Diary

Visitors (June 2018/19):

Passport Diary has been available in its current form since September 2015. Since then, the target group and readership has grown consistently!

  • 1.2 million users
  • 5.5 million page views
  • More than 3,000 unique users per day on the website

Monthly Passport Diary Attendance (June 2019)

  • Visitors: 96.278
  • Pageviews: 148.423
  • Gender: Male (69.3%), Female (30.1%)
  • Age: 25-34 (28%), 35-44 (22.5%), 45-54 (21.1%), 18-24 (13.53%)

Social Media at Passport Diary

  • Pinterest: 1.4 Millionen views per month
  • Instagram (31,6k): 325.702 views per month
  • Facebook (13,5k): 33.552 views per month
  • Youtube (20k): 357.530 views per month

Total Social Traffic : 2,1 Millionen Impressions in August 2019!

YouTube Statistic

June 2019

Pinterest Statistic

June 2019

Traffic of all channels at Passport Diary: 2.2 million impressions per month

In addition to the main domain and the associated social media accounts, we maintain a wide-reaching network of other special-interest channels.

The German-speaking vanlife community:

Central point of contact for over 20 regional groups, event calendar and large campervan inspiration gallery:

  • 17,000 members in the Germany group “Vanlife Germany”
  • several thousand members in over 24 cities in individual groups


In general, we are always open to new concepts and collaborations.

However, we will keep our authenticity and report honestly about the products.
Each article contains a high-reach social media channel. We write between 500-1500 words per post.

You will receive price information by email from

Prices are based on your product, budget and compatibility with our target group.